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Ideal for Environmental Professionals
Ideal for Financial and Real Estate Professionals
Vapor Intrusion, Part 1 - What is really required in Your Phase I ESA?
Tuesday, September 11th | 11 AM - 12:30 PM PST
Are There Gaps in Your Environmental Risk Management?
Thursday, September 13th  | 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM PST

Eric will discuss common concerns, share practical techniques, and answer your questions on Vapor Intrusion.
- How do I comply with ASTM standards relating to Vapor Intrusion in my Report?
- What Resources will I need to address Vapor Intrusion?
- Should I use Vapor Modeling Software or Vapor Reports? What Liability Risks can occur when using Vapor Reports?
- Can my existing RecCheck Radius Search and Historical Data be used to meet the standards?
- How do I discuss Vapor Intrusion with a Client? What if their institution asks for Vapor Intrusion to be addressed?

- The Insurance Gap Affecting up to 95% of Environmental Reports and Opening Your Institution Up to Liability.
- The Flaw in Many Pre-Screening Reports that Misleads Real Estate Finance Professionals, adding More Risk, and Why a Pre-Screening Report should be as Easy to Review as a Credit Score
- If you are properly following the FDIC and SBA Regulations and the New SBA Requirements for Environmental Due Diligence
- How to Determine the Correct Due Diligence for any Property or Business Type
- How you can Conduct Environmental Due Diligence on many Properties and Loan Applications in Only Minutes.
- Why You Should Check Properties for Risk When On-Site and how you can do so in Minutes using a smartphone and Internet connection
- How to Create an Environmental Risk Management Program that Protects Your Institution and Keeps You In Compliance.
- Expert Answers to Your Questions on Environmental Risk and Compliance

Vapor Intrusion, Part 2 - Approaches + Answers for ASTM Compliance
 Wednesday, September 12th | 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM PST
- What is Vapor Intrusion?
 - Do the ASTM standards even say the words "Vapor Intrusion"? What do they actually specify?
- Do you have to do extra work to meet the standards?
- Are Vapor Reports or Modeling Software required to address Vapor Intrusion in Phase I?
- Find out exactly what the ASTM standards require on Vapor Intrusion

  - The Simple Preparation Steps that Improve Your Site Walk
  - Where to Start and What to Check First At Your Site
  - How to Identify Many Types of Points of Interest On Your Site in 5 Minutes with your Smartphone
  - When To Order Your Radius Report and Historical Information
  - How to Organize Your Site Walk Information for an Easier Report Writing Process

 Optimize Your Phase Is - Part 1: Successful Site Walk and Preparation
Tuesday, September 11th | 1 PM - 2 PM PST
- How to Use Your Site Photos, Interviews, Radius Search, and Historical Information to Gain and Explain a Complete Picture of the Property
- Where to Look First on Your RecCheck Report
- Covering All Necessary Components of a Phase I in Your Report, including specific Bank requirements
- The Right Way to Evaluate Hydrologic Conditions
- What To Do When Some Information Is Not Available
- How Using Our Template Gives You Control and Efficiency That Other Vendors' Software Can't

Optimize Your Phase Is - Part 2: Accurate and Efficient Report Writing with Our Exclusive, FREE Phase I Template
Thursday, September 13th | 1 PM - 2:30 PM PST